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You're BUSY. You need to run your business and don't have time for all kinds of extra crap to get in your way.
See who applied, when, and what's next. Hire and get on with your business. Sound good? Click the button to get more info

that's it?

Really. That's it. Figuring out how to place job ads is your thing - collecting job applications people is ours. Get the regular application info you need.

• Need specifics and some nitty-gritty? Add those questions to your job application.
• Different job applications for different positions? Yup.
• Fancy AI-enhanced mumbo jumbo? Nope.
• Extra whiz-bang integrations and workflow thing-a-ma-jigs? Negatory.

You get applications. You talk to these people. You hire them or you don't.

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Launching early 2020

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